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About Russian brides club

Eastern European beauties are enigmatic, but it’s especially well seen in case with Russian brides. Dating blogs are helping to understand their personalities better and benefit from them.
After relationships with western women, Russian girls can seem pretty idealistic, since they believe in many positive things like love at first sight, eternal love, soul mates sent by heaven.

Women of all ages have such beliefs and can be called hopeless romantics, which is refreshing and inspiring. Such values aren’t found in many other parts of the world anymore.
Knowing this little secret also makes Russian brides more available and shortens the distance between you and them, since it’s enough to talk the soul mates concept with them and they’re yours.
However, in all other aspects beautiful Russian women are rational and modern, so they are great helpers in all possible areas of life and their mind covers multiple activities at once.

Russian brides more available

That’s exactly why sexy girls from Russia make the best wives: they think about everything simultaneously and reach success in many fields at once, from satisfying their man to making a house a home.
Moreover, the fear that a Russian girl will appear to be a sugar baby or a trophy wife, is usually baseless since females of this nationality can find profitable occupations in any part of the world.

Russian girls and relationships date advice

Women in Russia are as awesome as one could imagine, girly, gracious, tender, smart, supportive, giving, devoted, and always smiling. But how to make them smile exactly to you?
It can happen that western men are too much preoccupated by their own fears and needs, they are focused on finding a real person without thinking what Russian girls need or dream about.

While the absolute majority of Russian women have real intentions and they just need a correct approach, in order to release all their loving potential with this particular man. They need to trust as well.
Dating experts usually recommend to avoid heavy criticism towards Russian girls and women in general, to ask questions friendly, to show a warm support. Bitter conversations aren’t romantic.
On another hand, a man can feel free to complain about his daily events when needed, since Russian women are ones of the best listeners and caretakers. Just things should be in a balance.

best dating advice

The best dating advice regarding Russian girls is appreciating them. Exactly females from this country deserve this fully, since they’re such a rare combination of sweetness and wisdom.
It makes sense to give them freedom and allow to express themselves, since only in this case they will amaze you with multiple bright facets of their personality, and a wide spectrum of feelings.

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Questions and answers

Which Russian city should I choose for dating?
Moscow is a bit expensive and funky, so try St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk.

How to determine the real bride?
She is planning things thoroughly, learning in detail about the relocation.

How to find the wife material in Russia?
Use only high-rated dating sites with lots of confirmed success stories, only verified marriage agencies.

How to travel safely to Russia?
Do not take too much luggage but bring various bank cards, keep your documents with you, use official services.

Should I go out and party on the first evening?
Better investigate your rented place, make sure it’s safe, take a little walk, relax well after the flight. You can party on the next day.

How to choose the best girl out of average ones?
Go for a model at the beginning, but make sure she has good values, answers politely, has hobbies connected with charity, etc.

What does it mean if a girl is rarely online?
If it’s because of her working hours, just be proud of her, but if it’s the weekend time, she may have a local admirer so ask directly.

How to prepare to meet a Russian girl?
Do not worry, just look tidy in clean clothes and shoes, make sure your hair and nails aren’t messy, shave well, and smile to her.

How to date in Russia cheaply?

Like we already mentioned, Moscow is a costly option to travel, stay, and date in. But since girls there are often model-looking and the most open-minded, you can stay in Podmoskovye.
This big region out of the city consists of many small and medium-sized towns, some of them are quite picturesque and it’s easy to get to Moscow by local train or taxi from there.

Tourists just choose to follow the mainstream way without thinking it out and finding unusual options, but as you can see, it’s totally possible to save the money while getting the same outcome.
Girls are equally beautiful in Moscow itself and around it, these smaller towns cannot be called a province since the majority of women work in the capital so they look and behave accordingly.

date in Russia cheaply

St. Petersburg isn’t much cheaper than Moscow, but the difference is clearly seen, and it’s already a tradition that lower booking prices are available there. Just don’t grab the very first option you see.
A really nice surprise for all tourists is Sochi. It reminds Odessa in Ukraine thanks to a big number of beaches, but Sochi is way more prestigious. Yet, modest pricing can be found.

Yekaterinburg is one of the biggest Russian cities and also the center of construction business and many other industries. Girls there aren’t just sexy and gorgeous but also well-provided and hard-working.
Another variant that may surprise you, is Yalta or smaller resort towns in Crimea. Many foreigners are afraid to go to Crimea since it’s a non-official territory of Russia, but there are many pros.

Today, Crimea can be reached by many kinds of transport including the direct train from Moscow or St. Petersburg. It’s not a conflict zone like Donetsk, and there are no military actions.
Local citizens in Crimea missed touristic crowds so much that they are offering their houses and apartments for rent for ridiculously low prices. While the nature in Crimea is totally majestic.
Once again, one cannot imagine how beautiful Crimean women are, thanks to a big mix of various genes from Russian and Ukrainian to Tatar, Turk, Bulgarian, and many more. They look super hot!

beautiful Crimean women

If someone is interested in dark-haired women with very strong family values and moral principles, Tatarstan in Russia is another region where he should search for a life partner.
It’s fairly cheap in regard of living, food products, entertainment. So it’s totally senseless to remove less popular Tatarstan from the list of a western dater’s desirable destinations.

Success stories about Russian brides

“Me and Nataliya, we met in Simferopol when it was still a part of Ukraine. Since 2014, we didn’t see each other and only chatted, we weren’t sure what to expect and how we can proceed at all.
However, she didn’t find anyone since nor I did, so in 2018 we decided we’re each other’s destiny for sure and I came to visit again. We were both busy with our jobs not our private lives in between.
It’s quite safe now in Crimea, I think tourists can go there without any stress. It’s also much cheaper there than in Russia or Ukraine, since people are happy to have at least a few guests from abroad.
I spent a marvelous and the most romantic vacation there with Nataliya, took her to Moscow by train, and she’s preparing documents now in order to visit me in the US. It’s much easier than we thought.
I still think Russian and Ukrainian girls are the hottest ones, and western men shouldn’t lose this chance to meet a gorgeous girlfriend or a fiancée. Take a risk, and enjoy the most positive results”.

Ukrainian girls are the hottest

“What I found in Perm, Russia is called by a simple word, happiness. I have never heard of this industrial Russian city and went there purely for business. But then I decided to use a Russian dating app.
I quickly managed to meet Inna who was twice younger than myself but not discouraged by this fact. When I got acquainted with her, then her relatives and her female friends, I was truly amazed.
People in this city are so unspoiled, and old-fashioned in a good way. They seem to never be tricky or materialistic. When they talk to you, it always comes from the bottom of their hearts.
Honestly, I didn’t think such places and such mentalities still exist on Earth. It reminds me of the Philippines a bit, the only difference is that Perm girls are more self-efficient and way more educated.
In a few words, it all was amazing and soon I proposed to my blonde Inna, without even planning that in advance. We are now working on her travel passport and I re-build my house to host her”.

Are traditions still strong in Russia comparing to western culture?

Some western men seek old-fashioned women while others hope to find the most ultra-modern girls in Russia. Which is more realistic then? This country is in a golden middle for now.
It means that most of women keep the traditions going yet they don’t mind to try new things or adopt new approaches. This way of thinking is somewhat close to what we observed decades ago in the US.

No extreme feminism, no fanatic veganism, just healthy lifestyle and developing mutual respect with their partner. Here is the answer why Russian women are seeking foreign men – http://www.russianbridesclub.net/why-do-american-men-marry-russian-women/, if to analyze deeper.
For some reason, their local men do not get align with healthy lifestyle nor with showing any respect. They are known in the world as drinkers and abusers, so Russian girls escape as soon as they can.

beautiful Russian girls

How can it be that within the same country, women are absolutely perfect and men are such a mess? Don’t Russian women raise their own sons as good persons? They surely try to.
But the mass propaganda of hate and alcohol consuming is very powerful in Russia, since these two factors help to control people better. Women are less manipulated by those false principles.

It would be fair to say that beautiful Russian girls took the best elements from Soviet upbringing and the best parts of pro-western mentality, so they’re indeed the rare and precious finding for a foreigner.
For example, they still cook complicated dishes by themselves, bottle the veggies and fruits for winter, clean thoroughly the territory they live in, put efforts to look feminine and attractive even at home.
At the same time, they do a lot of sports like contemporary people, spend a lot of time outdoors, love to travel, and educate themselves as much as they can. Would you describe western girls in the same way?

It greatly explains why men from better developed countries seek Russian wives and girlfriends, instead of being with their local women which doesn’t require any long trips or papers preparation.
And it really works, as success stories prove. Men who married Russian beauties, report it warms them up a lot how well they are treated, and how the atmosphere of the house changes in a positive way.

What are good first date questions?

• What do you like to do together with your man?
• Do you think a wife should wait for her husband at home and welcome him warmly?
• What are some of the common duties in marriage you believe in?
• Who are some of the key figures in your life whose opinion matters a lot?
• Would you mind to party with your partner from time to time?
• Are you jealous when it comes to your man’s female friends?
• Do you envy to other people or prefer to build your own happiness?
• Do you express your mood in your style and color of the clothes?
• What are some of your fears and things you’d better avoid?
• What pleases you the most and would you do a similar thing to your partner?

What are good questions to ask a Russian girl online?

• What can attract you in a complete stranger?
• Are compliments important to you, or you’re self-confident?
• Do you remain flirtatious when you have a stable partner?
• What would you like to know about me including intimate things?
• Did you have a happy childhood and how it affected you?
• What are some of your main rules and principles in life?
• Do you consider a man your second half or a family leader?
• Do you think romance is only for a courtship period?
• Are you getting wild in sex sometimes?
• What is the most important for you in a man and why?