Alarm for Russian girls, tips how to avoid scammers

There are a lot of alarm signs, in the male behavior, that Russian brides usually do not really turn their attention on, but the truth is that there are a lot of “signs” that indicate if the man is a scammer or not. Like for example, one of my friends, Angela kept complaining to me, that the man she is corresponding with, and likes most of all is not really interested in her day to day life, and all he seems to be interested in are the certain parts of her body or the colors of her underwear, unfortunately that was one of those “signs” and deep down in her soul Angela understood that, but didn’t wanted to let this thought get into her mind completely.

The other thing that is a signal is catching the man on his lie to you, and it doesn’t matter whether it is about his working place, about the things he owes or it is about his age. Things that man or woman lie about while trying to start a relationship do not really matter, but it matters the fact that if the person lies from the beginning, than that is how life normally is with this person, and that is the decision of the correspondent whether to be ok with that, or cut the entire communication off, if there is no trust in a relationship than it is actually very difficult to build it. The basis of a long distance relationship is to trust each other, and believing each word that is spelt by the person you are corresponding with. That lack of trust, based on the multiple lies in the previous life, makes Russian brides asking for a picture of the ID in the letters, as they want to be sure that they communicate with a right person and that all the information provided by him is actually genuine and they have nothing to worry about. The truth is that some of the foreigners take this kind of ask as an insult, and stop communicating that is why it is important to make it as gently as possible in order not to offend the interlocutor.girlsex

Another signal would be seeing the reaction upon the certain questions you are asking, like for example you want to meet and ask for the certain date, as you want to take off from your job as well, in order to spent as much time together as possible, but you get the answer that in the following three months you’re so loving you man is extra busy with the work projects, and in general he doesn’t have a clue when he will have the chance to have the vacation, which automatically means that there is something more important for him, and that there almost are no chances that you two will ever meet in the future.

There are a bunch of other signals that would help realizing whether the man is worthy or not, like for example, if the man keeps complaining about his life, about his job that doesn’t make him happy, about problems with the boss, or about the fact that he is lonely, and his ex wife is making him problems, well this kind of man would keep complaining to you his entire life, and there is a big chance that as soon as he will marry a Russian bride, he will place the majority of his problems on her shoulders.

There also is a type of man, that as soon as meeting a new lady starts telling her how much he loves her and how beautiful and natural she is, and keeps “throwing” a variety of promises, and tries to convince that he would be the best option of man she could ever meet and will do everything for her, but the truth is that even after communicating for many months with him, there is a very slight chance that you will ever meet him in real life, as this kind of man is usually a player who doesn’t look for anything serious accept flirting and showing how great he is, no one really needs this kind of person in life.