Boyfriend or Friend? Help Your Russian Lady Make a Right Choice

One day you may hear from a Russian woman you really love that she cannot live without you and you are the happiest man on earth running not feeling the ground under your feet, flying in the skies, but then a thunder stroke “you are my best friend!” painfully brings you to the sad reality. All this time she was considering you as her friend and not more. Many people consider that it is better first to become best friends and then with time a friend figure will transform in a figure of a boyfriend. Well, sometimes it can work this way, but as statistics shows, friends remain friends, as this is another sort of attraction. If a woman shares her secrets with you and discusses her ex-boyfriends, she doesn’t view you as her potential partner.
To avoid the situation described above, from the very beginning you need to show your Russian lady that your expectations from a relationship with her are more than just of a friend. Yes, you risk stopping seeing her, but it is better than to be very close to the one you love and realize you will never be with her. Women need actions, so act!
Still, if you are already in love with a Russian girl, who considers you a friend only, you still have chances to change the situation in your favor. It can be much easier for you to challenge the Russian lady since you know her well, but at the same time it is more difficult to arise her interest in a serious relationship with you.

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Russian women are weak to the old ‘technique’ of contradictory spirit. Talking to your Russian lady, don’t show her you dream abut her love. Pay your Russian ‘friend’ less attention talking to other women, flirting, laughing, etc. Maybe she will feel jealous about you and would do everything to gain your attention back. If at this moment you show her you are a handsome man with a sexual side attractive to other ladies, you have all the chances to become her boyfriend.