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Russia is a special country with its own history, culture and traditions. This country is not easy to know and understand, that’s why a lot of foreign men who date Russian women feel a culture shock. That’s why we have decided to tell you some important things about Russia and its tradition in order to help you understand this powerful place and its people.

Russian nation is rich in culture, customs, and multiple colorful folklore. National culture, like memory, identifies the Russian people from the other, allows you to experience the genuine link between times and generations, makes it possible to obtain the spiritual support. Basically, the customs and traditions of the Russian people are connected with the calendar, and the church. Calendar in Russia is also called “month-talker”, which describes all days in the year. Russian traditions are unquestionably rich in fantasy and artwork.

Traditions of the Russian people are respected especially during the celebration of Easter. Before the holiday all bake cakes and paints eggs. Not only believers, but also people who are far from religion, participate in this ceremony. At night, all collect Easter cakes and  colored eggs in the basket, take any eatables, been cooked for the holiday, and carry everything to the church. The priest walks with a bucket and a broom, and sprinkles holy water on worshipers and victuals, says: “Christ is risen!” And all the people echoed him: “Truly Risen”. It is the joy of Christ’s resurrection, and which is celebrated on this day.

Russian national traditions are also associated with events such as the expectation and the birth of the baby, christenings, weddings and funerals. Replenishment of the family has always been good news and is associated with a variety of signs, which many expectant mothers observe to this day. The rite of baptism was personified with the washing of the child in the hole water and giving him/her a name. Weddings performed with the redemption of the bride, a variety of contests and the abduction of a young wife. But funerals were carried out only according to church rites. Despite the similarity of customs with other nations, Russian folk rites are the most colorful, musical and Russian women

Also we would like to tell you some tips how to date with Russian woman.

  1. Try not to get into «friend zone». Be a good friend to her, but at the same time try to avoid falling in the «friend zone», Because it is almost impossible to escape from it. Give the girl to understand exactly what you feel about her. She must realize that you have serious intentions.
  2. Be interesting. Girls like those guys with whom they do not get bored. So be interesting for her. Constantly learn something new and share this information with your lady. You can also tell some jokes and try to make her smile. Every woman likes great sense of humor.
  3. Do not be jealous. Some guys while dating a girl think that she owes him something. They begin to be jealous of the lady to the other guys and have the audacity to forbid the girls to talk with other men. But they have no moral right to do this, so it is quite understandable that such behavior annoys girls. Therefore, do not be jealous.
  4. Show interest in domestic affairs (in cooking, cleaning the house, washing the dishes, playing with the kids). There is no separation in the women’s or men’s business in the family. The one of the most important facts for women is your willingness to help about the house. This is an expression of respect and love. The girl can understand that you love her most of all when you help her in daily affairs.

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