How to date Russian ladies in USA and why it’s great for you

date Russian ladiesWho said you can only meet Russian girls in Moscow? There is a very strong Russian diaspora in the USA, and many smaller communities too. Some Russian ladies in USA don’t even join them and stay on their own but they do want to find a boyfriend or a life partner. Although they feel comfortable with men from their country who also moved to USA, they usually don’t mind an American or another foreigner. So there are very good chances to ask them out for a date!

Why Russian dating in USA is more reasonable:

  • A girl is already here. You don’t need to cross three oceans and spend thousands of dollars just to see her.
  • Most often, Russian girls go to USA for studying. This fact brings a bunch of advantages at once! It means they speak good English; they are intelligent; they have a legal basis to stay in USA for a long while; their families are wealthy enough to send them here so you won’t be the only sponsor constantly “saving” a poor Russian girl from smth; finally, they already adapted to a new environment and American society so a big part of your work is done. And if they work in USA, they assimilated even better.
  • If a girl isn’t a student but Au Pair she may need your help to stay in USA for good but at least she has her pocket money and some useful acquaintances, moreover, she is emotionally mature and responsible enough to do this job. Perfect for her future motherhood, if that is in your plans!
  • If a Russian girl is in USA with her parents or at least one relative, she won’t get homesick and won’t need to fly back to Russia too frequently.
  • It’s your “kingdom”, you know everything here and you are full of ideas where to take her and which places to show to her. You wouldn’t be that flexible in Russia.
  • Russian ladies in USA normally have friends, they aren’t totally dependable on you and your free time. They won’t be completely bored when their American boyfriend is at work.
  • Ok, there are also some cases when Russian women remained in the USA after their previous divorce with American. But this situation has good sides too. You will learn about the real reasons of divorce and probably about the complications of her character “from the first hands”: from her friends or neighbours. She will not be able to hide things from you like some girls located in Russia do.russian online beautis

Clearly, there are more pros than cons so you can really enjoy Russian dating in USA without extra complications. There are several dating sites that are specialized in it:

RussianHearts is a dating company working since 2010 that provides services in many countries of the world. The American version of their site is filled with real members and is totally safe to use.

A famous dating site Elena’s Models also contains a few hundred profiles of Russian ladies in USA. As usual, the girls are stunningly attractive. Since the site is, in general, reliable and trustworthy, you can use their services too.

Has a section where you can find only Russian hotties living in America. It will surprise you but the site is totally free. The database of former-USSR girls is huge and you can even chat or video chat with them paying nothing. Many women are online at any time of the day. The photos look casual and authentic enough and the profiles are verified so it seems to be a good source.

So, if you had doubts regarding such a complicated and multiple-staged project as going to Russia for getting a wife, there’s an easier way for you. Your happiness might be closer to you than you think! Russian dating in USA is possible and less costly. If you got a house to live in and a big heart full of love but travelling to Russia and back is too much for you, meeting a Russian beauty in your city or state could be an answer. She already knows the realities of American life and your relationship doesn’t have to go through the adaptation stress. Your Russian love is right here, waiting for your first step.russian young women