How to know if he enjoyed the hookup and wants more

Men can be more enigmatic in all kinds of relationships than women. But there are plenty of specialists online who’ll lift up the veil and help to understand a guy more after casual sex with him.

In fact, if we pay attention and notice little things, it’s a good guarantee of understanding and making sure another hookup date with Russian women will take place.

  1.  Does he call back? It’s a no-strings-attached relationship, so immediate calls are not necessary. But if he ever calls back and speaks amiably, it means he liked to hookup.
  2. Does he make the eye contact when you meet? If he is ok to look into your eyes even if you met unintentionally in a bar or club, then he has positive memories about you.
  3. Are his moves playful? Body language is a powerful tool. If you happen to meet each other somewhere after sex, see whether he tries to touch you and get closer to you.
  4. How does he look right after sex? If he’s pleasantly tired and sleepy, or obviously happy and energetic, all is understood without words. Just be observant enough.