How to restart a Tinder conversation if you liked a girl

There are too many potential matches on Tinder and once we start matching, we may get lost in the long list of conversations. The swiping process is quite fast as well, so it’s hard to focus on someone.

But we may like a person too much to let go. Here are the best tips on how to restart your convo on Tinder.

  1. Run through your convos list. If a girl didn’t unmatch you, and they rarely do without a reason, you can easily restart chatting by saying you kind of missed her online.
  2. Read the section on Tinder dedicated to restarting convos. If you’re still unsure of how to do that technically, this educative section might help you a lot and fix the things.
  3. Make sure to use the best pickup lines. They’re usually recommended in adult dating blogs. Hookup apps help to make more dating practice on Tinder. Even if a person chatted with you already, she might want a special attention.
  4. Use Tinder Plus. This way, you’ll be able to restart a conversation with a non-match, if you’ve chatted at least once when both matched. It’ll give you other advantages too.