Learn some of the reasons that may cause your fiancé to turn away from you and how to avoid them

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Sometimes women are full of curiosity to know what men are talking about while their women are not near them. Without any doubt men love their women, but men and women are human beings of a completely different gender that is the reason why they often do not understand each other, men are irritating women with their socks through all around in the apartment, while women are irritating their women with infinite shopping.

According to the results of various questionnaires between men we can divide ten major points that are irritating them in their women, let’s start describing them from the least irritating one.

10)  When the lady is pretending to be innocent. It is an endless topic between women disputes. We are trying to show their selves in the best possible light and circumstances without mentioning about their ex partners. Well men are able to applaud the ones who are sincerely innocent, as about the others it is better to stop lying about the past, as women have the same right for a great youth as men do.

9)     When the lady is criticizing another women. Men are not able to understand why women are not able to make a compliment to another lady. Instead of making a compliment or saying something nice they are spreading rumors behind each other’s back starting from weight and finishing with the haircut. Only the lady is the person who is able to notice the “intolerable” from her point of view fact that the other ladies shoes are not fitting her handbag. But fortunately there are some ladies who are very calm and notice that other russian women are also very beautiful and sexy. But the majority of them are still afraid to attract the attention of their men to the not less attractive females.

8)     When the lady is jealous. Often only a mention of a lady’s name in the presence of the beloved woman might bring to the scariest consequences. We can name it anyway, but a lot of women are very suspicious about everything, especially regarding man’s fidelity. That is why while seeing another stepping by lady regardless of her physical appearance or shape the lady becomes very much tensed. That paranoia might be justified only in the case when man is the person who is giving the reason to doubt in his fidelity.

7)      When the lady always needs support. Some of the ladies are going through some major serious troubles that are linked with the lack of safety feeling. They want their men to give them a hug, a kiss and offer support each minute while saying to those ladies how wonderful, unique and special they are to them. These women treat their men like some emotional support while expecting moral, psychological and emotional support.

6)     When the lady is speaking mysterious. The old like the entire world question “What are you thinking about not” is only one example of the ways how women like trying their men while trying to know their true feeling and thoughts. Women are asking some weird abstractive questions while making their men very irritated.russianwomens

5)    When the woman is entering the personal are of the man. Women on the level of instincts are              always caressing, and correct their men. The same things they are doing with their personal things, with the other words if the lady on the twelfth time is not able to put on the tie (in the case when she wants to put on a tie on the neck of her beloved man) than she will turn everything vice versa in the closet in order to change the clothes of her beloved partner.

4) When the lady is acting too emotionally. Woman is the creature that is able to cry to a various reasons like due to the reason that she saw a movie with a sad end (or even with a happy one), due to a broken nail or bad haircut. While man in this situation is the person that is supposed to take the role of the person who is taking care of the lady upon himself which any man is not able to stand. But it doesn’t mean that all of men are animals without any feelings, simply the only thing they are not able to say in this moment, is “don’t cry baby”. In general women that are crying loud are bringing their men into a stupid panic condition.

3) When the lady is shopping for a too long time. According to the opinion of various men, when it comes to shopping, woman is simply not able to fit the twenty four hours in a day criteria in order to see and try everything that she wants. Women are able to spend a few hours in a shoe store while being between the people of the same king and not even thinking of food, water or other usual normal things. The worst thing about that is that women are usually bringing their men with them, this way those poor and sad men are aimlessly walking around while their beloved lady is searching each shirt or skirt very accurately while looking on the etiquette of those clothes for a long time.

2) When the lady is speaking too much. A lot of men are remarking that on the question “How are you doing” women are able to answer on the course of forty-fifty minutes in a row. But it doesn’t mean that in the reality man doesn’t care what is his second half speaking of him, they simply do not want to enter all of those endless and pointless details.

1) When the lady is using sex as a measure of influence upon her man. In a variety of cases women while showing their higher place in the relationship are punishing their man while not giving him sex. In a war between genders that is probably the strongest weapon. And though with its help people are able to get a lot of things they are able to lose a lot of things as well, like for example- man’s respect. As everyone understands- that this measure is being used only in the case of women’s ultimate forceless. That is why it is important for a lady to be strong in order not to irritate her man, and men will reply with the same attitude.

A lot of women are tired of endless first dates that are not growing into something bigger like serious relationships. They are sick and tired of dating with men that are simply not ready to a serious relationship. That is why maybe it is the time to think of the technique of behavior. While reading this article women will see their common mistakes that they make while being in a relationship with a man, so if at least one of the listed situations will look familiar than don’t blame yourself it is better simply to memorize it in order not to let same kind of mistakes occur anymore.

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