Myths Russian women Have about Foreign Men

You can easily find on the web different articles on the topic of Russian women and myths connected to them. However, the stereotypes exist on both sides and Russian women also have certain stereotypes about foreign men. This can explain why Russian women react in a certain way to a meeting with a foreigner. Here are some myths about foreign men Russian women have:

Foreigners are stupid. This stereotype is caused by the two things: Russians are more creative in everyday life as they live under much tougher conditions and don’t understand how a plastic bag can be thrown away, Russian can use it after washing several times to save some money. The second reason is difference in sense of humor. Many American comic shows and movies with trivial humor that provides an impression of Americans laughing at stupid things.

A foreigner can be recognized by a smile on his face, even for no reason. Russian women and men consider there need to be a reason to smile. Smiling to greet people is not a part of Russian culture. Seeing foreigners constantly smiling is very odd to them.

Americans are arrogant and cocky. This stereotype was created by many visitors to Russia from the USA. Many American citizens shared their criticism on the way things in Russia are. Russians are great patriots and are very sensitive when the topic of their home is touched and especially criticized. For sure many things will seem unusual for you when you come to Russia, but still the best way is to ask Russian people about the topics you are interested in and restrain from harsh criticizing.

There is something wrong about the foreign men looking for the spouse abroad, especially not married before.

Russian women think why a ‘normal’ man would look for a wife abroad. Mass media has created much fear on Russian women, and they may think you are a maniac. 😉

So, be ready you fiancé can have some of this stereotypes.

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