Perfect Marriage Proposal to a Russian Lady!


As a rule, practically all women dream about their wedding. Russian girls are not the exception, being hopeless romantics they are waiting for this event to come since their childhood. This special day is the most memorable one for a Russian girl. So, you need to make a perfect proposal to your Russian bride. Below you will find several ideas of ideal marriage proposals.
All organizations needed should be done in advance. After this you will need to practice your proposal. Don’t omit this step as being excited and nervous you may forget the words, when a well practiced proposal, will remain in your head. Make sure you don’t tell anyone about this as it should be a surprise for your Russian bride.
Some Russian ladies would like you to ask their parents for permission before the proposal. It is an old Russian tradition. So, before making a proposal you need to be aware of the fact if your Russian bride cares for this tradition or not. You don’t need to ask her straight about this, but can find out her looks during conversations on traditions, customs and culture.
You can follow a classic way of making proposal with romantic atmosphere: champagne, restaurant, candles, and flowers. Standing on one knee as a knight in shining armor in front of a gorgeous princess, propose her with an engagement ring.
If you want to show how serious your relationship is for you, bring her to your favorite place or the place of your first meeting or choose a special date that means something for both of you.
Creating a rose petals way to the engagement ring is also very romantic.
This can be a picnic, you can sing a song for her, choose a special moment, etc. the variants are immense.
No matter what you choose, be creative and follow your heart! Let’s hope you will hear your coveted “YES!”