Russian bride choosing love.

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There are a lot of questions that always run in the head of the Russian bride, such as what to choose, whether to choose love, or choosing a good and stable rich life with a foreigner (for some reason the majority of girls think that in some other parts of the world the grass is greener, and everything is much better than in their country, they cannot deal with the fact that the entire world deals with the crisis, and its impacts, so if the husband is a foreigner, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is rich).

Larisa has written a letter: ” me and my husband live together for four years, the last two of which we are married, and it seems that everything is fine, i love him, and he loves me, people around us say that we are a perfect couple, he gives me flowers on all the possible occasions, he washes his clothes by himself, and helps me cleaning the house. He earns good money (he has a good education and a lot of perspectives), he pays for my education. He is simply an angel (although we fight, and sometimes really serious), but before we even met i had a dream, and i still have it, i don’t want to live in my own country, i don’t want to live in Ukraine, i want to move to the United States, that is not a caprice, it is a decision i have made. When we were still dating and planned to get married, we decided that we will certainly move there (we have a lot of friends who moved there, and live pretty good), and now he is telling me that he loves being here, and is happy with the situation the way it is, while is don’t want to give up on my dream, maybe it sounds selfish, but i want to achieve my goal, and not only for myself. I do perfectly understand in what country i live, and all the people who want to leave it as well, will perfectly understand me, and the fact that in the next two hundred years the situation in our country will not improve for sure.

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I really want my parents to live at least the rest of their lives in good conditions, and not working hard while earning their piece of bread. I want my future children to get a good education and not to work in the market place. So to cut the story short i met an American man and we spent two awesome evenings (he was in Ukraine looking for a wife), now we are corresponding. I get every single day letters from him, letters that are filled with hope and understanding. He wants to visit me for two weeks in order to get used with me, and to meet my parents, and if everything will be ok, he will start making documents for me to leave with him to USA – the thing that I always wanted the most. He is handsome, rich and i like him, so i don’t know what to do, as i do love my husband, and I need an advice of what to do next”.wife

Well there is no one in the world who could have given you a good advice, only your mother or your heart. My personal opinion is that if you are seriously thinking about such an option, if you even consider it in your mind, than you should really do it, otherwise you will regret about it your entire life, which will bring you to divorce with your husband, as you will blame him for it, and now i will explain the reason why i think so, the fact that you seriously think about it, means that you do not really love your husband, maybe it is a habit, as if you would really love him, than going away, and leaving your love, for the sake of a foreigner, such an idea would never even come into your mind, but if it is in it, and it is pretty annoying than you should go for it. And hopefully you will never regret about it, as of the biggest mistake you have ever done in your life. As once you will make this step there will be no turning back

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