Things Never to Say or Do in Russia

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 It is very important to know what not to say or to do in order to fit in or create a good impression. Here are some of the Russian social taboos:

Don’t visit Russians with empty hands. It doesn’t really matter what you bring whether it is a box of chocolates, flowers or a toy for a child. Giving gifts is a Russian old tradition. If you appear at the door with no gifts, it will show you just don’t care.

Don’t walk into a host apartment or house in your street shoes. Russians change them for slippers as they usually have rugs on the floor. The Russian hosts usually offer a pair of slippers to their guest.

Don’t joke about the parents. You won’t be understood and you may offend the hosts this way.

Don’t toast with “Na Zdorovv’ye!” Russian sex people don’t toast this way, they usually say this when you thank them for a meal. It is better to say “ZA Vas” (To you!). Russians prefer longer toasts, wishing all the best, drinking for friendship, etc.

Don’t take ‘the last thing’ Russians are a giving nation. They would offer their guests whatever they want as it is considered a polite tone. This can be a picture from the wall, a book, a vase, etc. They will give it to you, not because they don’t need it or want to get rid of it, just because they want to be nice. So, it doesn’t mean you need to take everything offered. If you take something, be ready to give something of yours.

Don’t underdress

Russians like to dress up on more occasions and events than people in America or Europe do.  Dressing up includes all sorts of parties and trips to the theater and restaurants.  If you are hesitant of how to dress, ask about the dress code for this or that event.

Don’t go Dutch

Men pay for women in restaurants or anywhere else. This is the rule.

Don’t let a woman carry heavy things

Don’t burp or fart in public. The functions of your body are extremely impolite in public.