Warning Signals in Long Distance Relationship with a Russian Girl

Being in a long-distance relationship with a Russian woman, doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed. Even being separated by miles the chances to build a long-lasting serious relationship are very high. However, there are certain signals informing you that the relationship with your Russian beloved can be in real danger and you will need to take some preventive measures to save it.
The first sign you may notice is the change of your Russian lady’s behavior or attitude towards you. However, to notice this sign is difficult as the great distance separates you two, but if you notice this in time, you can bring things back to normal.
Words and feelings can be easily misinterpreted in a long-distance relationship. If you or your Russian woman tries to read between the lines – it is a great indicator of appearance of any doubts about feelings and your relationship. Sense of humor helps a lot in this situation and brings the partners closer. Knowing your Russian woman’s strong and weak points, her ups and downs will be of great help in building a long-lasting relationship full of love.
Long-distance relationship presupposes obstacles and problems of many kinds, but if you two are sure about your feelings no obstacles will ruin this. However, being attentive to warning signals will help you to avoid breaking up with your Russian beloved.
If you notice your Russian bride becomes less enthusiastic about you and your relationship (less calls, messages, letters, etc.), her interest and passion start fading away. You need to find ways to refresh your relationship if you are interested in keeping it.
However, if your Russian bride is calling you all the time – it is a sign of her mistrust in you. No relationship will survive without trust and respect. Then you need to think of a real meeting to gain more trust in each other.
Working in a long-distance relationship is not an easy thing, but being honest and open is the key to success.