What Russian Women Like in Men

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It goes without saying that every woman is unique and that all the women are different all over the world.  However, there are certain values and qualities Russian women prefer to see in their future spouse.

One of the reasons, why Russian women choose foreign men, is they are said to love children, especially Americans. Family is a number one priority in life of the most Russian women. 99 % of the women choose their family and children when there is a choice between them and carrier. So, if you like children, make sure you mention this in your first letter to a Russian lady you are interested in or in your profile on a dating site if you are a registered member.

Russian women, who are married to Western men, treasure the fact that foreign husbands don’t require from them to do laundry, ironing, cleaning, cooking, take care of kids, be great lovers, work full-time and look incredibly every day at one and the same time. Many Russian women try to fulfill al above mentioned every day, but most of the Russian men take these things for granted.

Many of the Western men seem to be family-oriented, not only having family and children is important for them, but also spending time with their wives. Many Russian men can leave their wives at home and go for beer with friends in the evenings or disappear for the whole weekend going hunting or fishing. It is a widely spread situation in Russia. Together with this Russian women have no rights to go out with their friends. Russian women are ok with their husbands having their time off with friends, but expect their husbands let them do the same thing from time to time taking the responsibility about household duties and staying with kids. Many Russian men feel not masculine enough when they are left with children at home as they consider this only a female task.

For sure, there are many more things Russian women like in men, but theses are the most frequent ones.