Why do American men marry Russian women.

Source: Femmes Russes The question is very interesting, but very naive at the same time, because American men are not interesting with European women only, sometimes they do marry American women as well. America is an international country, and of course in this country are very popular marriages between different nationalities. There is more than thirty percent of this kind of marriages. And this kind of marriages is widely spread not only from the men side, but very often American women choose Russian men. Beside Russian brides, there are also a lot of marriages with Mexicans, women from Columbia, China, Vietnam or Thailand. Why those mixed marriages are more attractive for men? First of all it is because their brides are very young. Sometimes the age difference is more than twenty or thirty years, and in rare cases even forty years of age difference. While the: Native American women are mostly oriented on younger men, or men of their own age. During the last ten years due to the large tendency of Russian women getting married to American men, it became a bit heavier for women who are older than thirty five years old finding a husband abroad, because the number of Russian brides has triple increased, while the database of foreign men who are seeking for a wife in the ex USSR area has stayed almost same. And eventually this kind of marriages, with a huge age difference, usually last not a very long time, as eventually as soon as those women helped by their husbands are building a career or start going out and meet new people, and stop feeling like they are living on someone’s behalf, they leave their husbands for the sake of someone who is their age, as they are seeking for an adventure, and it is hard to blame them for that, as their age is dictating the conditions to them. And unfortunately a lot of such marriages are built on the desire to get the “green card”, this way the young woman is “paying” her old husband with her time spent on him and beauty, and he is “paying” her with getting her documents for legal staying in the country. So the bottom line is that marriages which are built on love, or at least on a kind of good attitude towards each other are highly welcomed by the government and the country as well, as it is a very good deed, this way children who are born in this family have a happy future, and grew up being personalities worth being proud of.sexbestbride If marriage from the very first beginning was built on love and only great feelings towards each other, than there are very rare cases when people get divorced. Anyway there is no marriage that would provide guarantee that it will last forever, not in the marriage with a foreigner, same as not in a marriage with a guy from Next Street, it depends only on the two people in it, and in their attitude towards each other, as well as towards marriage itself. At this point of life everything depends on fate only. But the good thing is that from those more than one hundred of thousands of women who moved to America during the last ten years, through the fiancée visa, or by getting married to a foreigner, the majority of them are still happily married and have children. It all depends on the people, of their thoughts and desires with which they have come into this marriage, because usually what goes around comes back around, so if the thoughts before marriage were not some very good ones, then eventually it will “poison” the entire family life and sooner or later it will bring the family to divorce. Same as good the thoughts and ideas will bring to a long and happy everlasting life together.